The little boy and his feathery best friend do everything together, and the duck becomes the child’s defender, accompanying him wherever he goes.

This little kid is really lucky, because instead of a plastic duck, he gets to bathe a live duck.

Duck Beaker (Bee) came to the Young family in 2015 as a duckling. There were only three ducks left at the pet store where his father Christopher provided duck food, and two of those ducks were sold. The Lonely Beaker, without a mate, was unhappy. The seller then agreed to give them to Christopher (although the rules only allow them to be sold in pairs).

Tyler and Mr. Beaker became fast friends.

According to his mother, Jennifer Young, Tyler’s first word was “duck.”

Tyler’s parents soon created a dedicated Facebook account for Tyler and the ducks and posted images and videos of Tyler and the ducks.

The infant’s mother said, “They played, ate, slept, and did everything together.” She adds.

“Thankfully, Bee was easy to lead train. They both decided to wear diapers, but Bee would occasionally come out of them. Their bond grew stronger as they got older. From the time Tyler wakes up to the time he goes to bed, this family is in crisis,” Bee said.

Whenever Tyler tries to eat, Bee wants to eat, too. Like a pair of naughty puppies, they chase each other around the house. Tyler’s room is turned upside down in less than five minutes. Jennifer explains, “Strangely enough, they both look guilty to me.”

Bee is a true friend advocate. When Tyler begins to cry in his mother’s arms, the ducks rush to her and quack to make sure the baby is not in distress. The family always kept the ducks in the house, but they were kept outside. The bees, on the other hand, are kept outside. When Jennifer heard that the family kept the ducks in diapers, she laughed. Bee, on the other hand, is as smart, devoted, and cuddly as a dog or cat. Tyler, of course, sees nothing unusual about it. He has been with his feathered best friend all his life.

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