The missing dog was found with a heartfelt message around his collar proclaiming him a hero of the day.

When a 12-year-old dog went missing for several hours, his owners were worried, not knowing where their dog Louis was. But when he returned with a loving message around his neck, the family was amazed.

Louie, a smart sheepdog, had been kept on the family farm of Marolyn Driver in New Zealand since he was a young boy. When he was just a few weeks old, he was an energetic and curious puppy who loved to go around their property and investigate his neighbors.

But as he grew older, his daily schedule changed and he began to linger and investigate their home.

So one day, when Louis didn’t show up for hours, his parents became concerned. When Malloryn went to see her parents that day, she found them distraught.

But thankfully, the dog returned a few hours later with a strange letter around his neck. Louis looked tired and filthy. According to his relatives, someone had threatened to hurt him. But after reading the handwritten message, they calmed down.

The message was written by Rob, who described him as a hero for bringing Louis to his dog Maddie, who was trapped behind a pile of branches. Rob, the family’s neighbor, had a dog named Maddie. They soon learned what had happened. Maddie had also gone missing that day. Rob, the owner of the dog, began to search for Maddie where she might have gone. However, his search was fruitless. When Rob returned home, he met Louis, who insisted that he follow him.

Rob followed Louis’ intuition and was surprised to find his dog entangled in the bushes. Rob found Louis’ beloved dog tangled in the bushes and started digging with him.

Maddie was saved by this heroic dog. Exhausted, the two dogs dashed to a nearby pond, where they jumped into the water and began drinking. That day, Louis was exhausted and would not eat. The family was concerned about his condition, but the next day, when Louis noticed his friend in the basket on the back of his owner’s bicycle, he suddenly recovered and began playing with his companion Maddie.

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