The old widow has no greater delight after her husband’s death than the dog that has helped her cope with her loss.

This 84 year old grandmother is really nice! Despite her advanced age, this grandmother maintains an active lifestyle.

She walks a lot, tries to walk more, and is a lovely lady despite her advanced age. Most importantly, it is inspiring to see her connect with her dog named Sally.

She seems to be able to accomplish everything in the world with the help of her faithful dachshund.

The old woman sits on the balcony with Sally and drinks tea, the dog conversely watches the birds and breathes in the fresh morning air. Then she goes for a walk and Sally, overjoyed, follows. The grandmother never tires of hugging her four-limbed companion, and the dog rejoices in her affection, wagging his tail happily.

And of course, this pet can always expect a reward from its owner. The owner will no doubt spoil his four-legged companion.

A few years ago, a little puppy came into the life of a grandmother, as relatives lovingly call her. The puppy knew at first glance that this mother would love him as if he were her own child. And Sally was right. As soon as the grandmother took her in her arms, she fell head over heels in love with this adorable creature.

Then tragedy struck when the grandmother’s spouse passed away. Sally helped her cope with the grief of separation from the person she had shared her life with for so many years. Sally’s presence made her owner happy.

The grandmother’s anguish over the loss of her loved one was eased as she became engrossed in her pet. ……

This woman has never lost her positive attitude, even at the age of 84. The four-legged heroine also helps her find opportunities to smile. No matter what happens, the grandmother just picks up Sally and the atmosphere is instantly brightened. The bond between grandma and dog is endearing and it’s hard not to be moved.

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