The owner is saved by a cat from an extremely dangerous snake that crept through the open door and was covered in the shopping bags.

Ricky Owens came home from the grocery store and piled all the groceries next to the refrigerator. He then walked out of the house leaving the door open.

When the man returned, his cat, Gordon, was aggressively circling the chair. He growled and clawed and jumped away at that moment. Ricky didn’t know what was going on with his four paws and left the house once again.

When he returned, the cat had already begun hissing at the supermarket bags. When Ricky went to get the shopping bags, he found a Tiger Snake just a few steps away from him and the four-legged cat. This snake is one of the most venomous snakes in Australia and might make you cry if you encounter it. Ricky risked his life to get the snake out from under the refrigerator.

“There was only a few inches of the snake’s belly sticking out of the back of the fridge,” he said. I had no idea where its head was or where its tail was.” Ricky explained. The man was able to catch the snake by the tail and throw it over the backyard fence.

Ricky stated that since this incident, he has taken his cat’s behavior seriously and has started locking his doors as well.

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