The owners couldn’t find the adorable 2-week-old kitten that was hiding in a tissue box for more than an hour.

A photo of a cat hiding in a box of tissues has gone viral and is inspiring. The kitten’s owner, model Britney Ortiz, shared the photo on Twitter.

The tweet was retweeted more than 250,000 times in two days. It all started when a cute little girl named Chanel disappeared. The owner searched for more than an hour for Chanel and searched all over the house. Eventually, she was found in a box of tissues.

Britney took a picture of her adorable little face staring out the window of the time machine.

This shot caught the attention of Mashable. Chanel probably fell asleep in the box. The cat was found by accident. If her grandfather had not asked for a napkin, the cat might never have been found. The photo became so well-known on the Internet that the social news site Reddit held a “photoshop fight.” Participants cropped Chanel’s image and placed it in strange and spectacular locations ranging from quicksand to a space station.

Many cat owners have noticed that their cats enjoy hiding in places like boxes and bags.

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