The woman is unable to choose which puppy to save from the worst shelter she has ever seen, so she purchases the entire facility.

Daniel Eden has always had a heart for abandoned and suffering stray dogs. As the creator of Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, Daniel visits comparable facilities around the world.

Hundreds of animals have been rescued from dangerous and horrific situations and given a second chance at life at her own animal shelter. For her, saving animals in need was nothing new. But she did not expect to be so surprised on her next visit to a shelter. It was during her stay in Israel. Every dog at this shelter was in desperate need of help and rescue.

“It was the most awful kennel I have ever seen,” she said.

“There were over 250 animals residing in a place that could only hold 70.” Rats were scurrying around the room. The animals had to fight a thorough battle over the bread that was thrown out.”

“There were dead rats and live rats mixed in with all this commotion, and dogs in need of help.” Eden was speechless after witnessing all of this. She couldn’t decide which dog to rescue from this horrible situation. Because every dog was in desperate need of medical attention.

Eden then made the choice to buy the shelter’s 250 dogs in their entirety. She has since successfully kept 90 dogs in Israel and delivered another 25 to shelters in Ontario. A total of 150 canines are still in foster care. Since Eden’s arrival, however, the awful Israeli shelter has begun to change and things are getting better. The staff was responsible for preparing kennels for the animals to live in, providing adequate nutrition and competent veterinary care.

By the way, half of the animals placed in each kennel are put up for adoption.

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