They say let the old dog d.i.e’, men won’t listen

In poor countries, stray animals are everywhere. There is a serious epidemic, and many people turn a blind eye to it because they think there is nothing they can do about it.

But the truth is that Every Life Matters. Saving one animal at a time matters. Especially for the animal being rescued.

One dog was so sick and/n/j/r/e/d and close to d/e/a/t/h that he went into the basement of the store and waited for d/e/a/t/h to arrive. He was dehydrated and malnourished. The large wound on his head was so infected that maggots had settled in it.

Yes, these injuries would have been unbearable for most. Many thought the dog was beyond saving and should be left alone. But not Animal Aid.

A volunteer was dispatched to the scene and picked up the dog, lifted it up the stairs and carried it to the car. This man was not focused on what he could not do. He was focused on what was possible. And that is exactly what this dog needed.

Once the dog arrived at the Animal Aid shelter, everyone was busy. Medication powder was poured into a large wound. When the powder settled, it would kill the maggots and then they could be removed.

The cute dog didn’t move, knowing that these animal lovers had come to his rescue. They gently bandaged the wound and, after supplying the dog with pain medication and intravenous fluids, they sent him off to sleep.

The next day it was time to clean the wound and remove the dead maggots. They did this with love and care and bandaged him up again.

Two weeks later, the wound is clean and free of infection! The sweet dog is still timid and hanging his head, but the caregivers understand him. This is a dog that no one cared for before. Trusting people is going to take some time. Fortunately, everyone around him is very patient.

After 9 weeks, the dog, now named Jerry, is out of pain and feeling fine. His wound is completely healed, but most importantly, so is his spirit. He moves slowly toward his new friends, but when they get closer, he willingly accepts their affection.

What makes Animal Aid special is that they allow each dog they rescue to stay at the shelter indefinitely. Because adoption is unlikely-especially for older dogs with battle scars-each rescued animal becomes a permanent resident of Animal Aid. The shelter is their forever home!

They have tons of friends, both human and canine, and they spend their days in constant feeding and lots of love. We applaud Animal Aid’s efforts and their big, kind hearts.

To see Jerry’s rescue and recovery, scroll through the video below and click play.

Please remember that Animal Aid operates solely on donations. By telling this story, we are not only bringing attention to such an amazing group, but also giving others the opportunity to contribute.

Thank you! 7

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