This cat shelter’s rescued dog looks after all of the kittens and has reared over 60 of them

Raylan’s owner has created a shelter in her home for homeless and abandoned kittens. She treats and feeds the newborn kittens and finds them new homes.

Her dog also helps with this effort. Perhaps it is because she once helped no one, or perhaps it is because she once helped no one. Raylan feels sorry for the kittens and is not only a friend but also a caring father.

The abandoned dog wound up at a shelter that euthanizes animals that no one wanted to keep nine years ago.

One of the dogs was a puppy. He was so healthy that visitors to the center avoided him. Raylan was placed on a waiting list for euthanasia, but fate intervened when his current owner chose the puppy. During his time with her, Raylan raised more than 60 kittens that had been abandoned or orphaned.

He has given them the love and attention they lacked from their biological parents.

The dog took on the role of both mother and father, licking the kittens, playing with them, and teaching them proper behavior.” When I first brought my kitten Watson home six years ago, I learned that my dog adores cats. According to the dog’s owner, Raylan was three years old at the time. He immediately began playing with the toddler and was quite gentle and patient with him. Watson now lives next door to us and he and Raylan have become great friends.”

Raylan’s owner opened an Instagram account for him, which has more than 20,000 followers. The woman shares images and videos of her dog on the social networking site. All of them have received thousands of likes and excellent feedback.

When the time comes to send the kittens off, Raylan takes a well-deserved rest for a few weeks. But then the dog becomes depressed.

And when fresh kittens arrive, you won’t find the happiest dog in the household.

“The day a new kitten arrives is his personal vacation!” Raylan’s owner explains.

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