This Dog Spent 10 Years In A Shelter Due To His Missing Leg, Old Age And Blindness

There are many dogs in the world that are not treated as well as others. Many of us love to see fluffy, cute, and healthy puppies, but many of us turn away when we see an old or sick puppy. So today, I’d like to share with you a heartwarming story that will change your mind.

Toff, a 14-year-old dog that no one wanted. A Good Samaritan rescued him from an abusive home and he lived in a shelter for 10 years. The dog had to have his back legs amputated due to cancer. Then he was blinded by old age.

The dog would probably spend the rest of his life in the shelter, but fortunately, Danila came into his life.

One fine day I woke up and called my friend Carol, the shelter coordinator, and asked her which was the oldest dog in foster care. Immediately, she sent me a picture of Toffe, who was 14 years old, blind, and had just had his front legs amputated due to cancer,” Danila says.

Danila had always dreamed of having a disabled, old, or deaf dog. Not one dog has all these problems. After seeing Toff’s picture and hearing his story, Danila knew she had to welcome him into her life right away.

Danila already had five dogs, but after a long and serious discussion with her husband, she decided to give Torf a forever home.

She says, “When I saw the pictures and learned the story, I couldn’t get Tofu out of my head. I thought about it all day long. I thought about it all day long. I have five more dogs at home and I talked to my husband about the possibility of adopting him,” Danila added.

After deciding to keep Tofu, Danila had to wait a month for him to undergo all the necessary surgeries and recover. While Danila waited, Tofu was already given a collar, clothes, a kennel, and toys.

Tofu has adjusted well to his home. He is now a happy, well-loved family dog with a wonderful family.

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