Thor, the most gorgeous Bengal cat on the earth, is one of the most enchanting beauties of the animal planet.

Rare is the person who loves a species as ferocious as the tiger.

Despite their fearsome nature, tigers seem to be adored by some because of their magnificent fur.

If you are afraid of giant cats, then a petite cat like the Bengal cat is for you.

Look at how gorgeous this one is. Doesn’t it look like a tiger? On the other hand, this one is harmless and most people would be overjoyed to have such a pet in their home. What attracts many people is Thor; on Facebook and Instagram, this Bengal pet is a celebrity; on Twitter, it is so famous that it has more than 220,000 followers.

Look at the emerald eyes of this adorable cat. Who wouldn’t love to have such a lovely creature living with them?

This Bengal cat has beautiful black and orange striped fur and green eyes. Wonderful. Perhaps only its perfect looks will make you fall in love with this cat. And then there is his wonderful movement when he is energetically playing and dancing. He, like any other pet on the planet, should enjoy a belly massage.

This Bengal cat is not only gorgeous, but intelligent, alert, and assertive. They are generally medium sized, but can be much larger. If you look at Thor’s pictures you will notice that he is not only a basic cat, but a great model as well.

Who wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of a cat owner? Just looking at him is a pleasure.

Thor received many compliments and kind words at his 7th birthday party last year. Much praise and great thought went into this beauty.

Thor definitely deserves the attention he is getting.

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