Tiny Kitten Gets A New Life After Being Found Crying Alone Near Construction Site

Chickpea, a tiny kitten, is living happily with her wonderful owner in a loving home. She was sheltered by Ally Cat Rescue, Inc. before being placed in foster care. She has been forced to live a harsh life, which is hard to imagine from this cute face.

She was originally a poor kitten who was found crying alone at a construction site. When she was found crying alone at a construction site, everyone assumed that her mother had run away because of the noise. Fortunately, rescuers from Alley Cat Rescue found her and took her into their care. They took care of her, raised her, and did everything they could to help her find a great foster home.

Chickpea was small, had been fending for herself for days, was weak, and needed the best care possible. Rescuers had to feed her every two hours around the clock. Unfortunately, the umbilical cord was infected and needed to be treated with antibiotics.

Chickpea was not too fussy when the rescuers gave her milk. She felt happy and comfortable as long as she could drink milk and sleep in a warm bed. And as a result of lots of love, little baby Chickpea began to show signs of recovery and gradually regained her health.

We are so happy that Chick Pea has grown up to be such an adorable kitten. Chickpea has grown up to be a very adorable kitten. We hope her life will always be full of joy and love.

Alley Cat Rescue leads the way in promoting humane and compassionate care for all cats. If you would like to help, please click here.

“We are saddened that these cases are happening and that unfixed cats are running around trying to survive and having kittens on the streets. We continue to put enormous effort into sterilizing and vaccinating adult community cats, spaying and neutering #trapneuterreturn to try to stop this crazy cycle,” Alley Cat Rescue shared on their Facebook page.

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