Unexpectedly, a wild deer shows up at the Michigan couple’s wedding shot to devour the bride’s bouquet.

For example, the appearance of a deer is something that cannot be anticipated during a wedding photo shoot. Newlyweds Morgan and Luke were not sure what to expect and were willing to let an unexpected guest “ruin” their photo shoot.

Photographer Laurenda Bennett, on the other hand, approached the shoot as a wonderful opportunity to capture unique images, and the results were truly delightful. At the bride’s request, we arrived there after lunch to shoot at the same venue as the wedding and dinner.

The presence of deer was a surprise. Surprisingly, this animal is not afraid of humans at all.

They noticed him when they arrived at the clearing. He was grazing behind a white fence. The deer approached Morgan and Luke.

The bouquet of flowers in Morgan’s hand piqued his curiosity. The bouquet in Morgan’s hand piqued his curiosity, and without hesitation he climbed over the fence and began picking flower after flower. Morgan jumped up several times and picked up the bouquet of flowers.

And the photographer did not miss a single opportunity to capture these images during this time.

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