When a stray German Shepherd notices that rescuers are on their way, she brings her companion with her.

A stray German Shepherd was found in a wooded area in Fort Worth, Texas. It was clear that the previous owner had abandoned her.

The dog was frightened and would not approach anyone. Judy, a leader of a local shelter, noted, “We knew it was very important to lure her out and gain her trust. To gain her trust, the woman began by observing the dog’s every move.

Judy had already rescued hundreds of scared and abandoned dogs in an area known as a dumping ground for unwanted animals, and was accustomed to being calm and patient with dogs like this German Shepherd. To make contact, the woman speaks in a calm tone and repeatedly tells the dog, “It’s okay.

Judy recalls, “At first, the dog just saw me and my car and ran off into the woods.” But she didn’t give up and came back every day to feed them.

When the woman came in one morning, the dog was waiting for her.

“I realized that the day was coming when I could take her with me.” Meanwhile, the German shepherd had a secret. The dog took the woman into the woods, where she was shown another frightened dog. The scar on the pit bull’s face.

“If you take me, take my companion too!” Shepherd could see the intention of telling him that he was a good person. Judy wrote an essay. Whether the dogs were companions from the beginning or became friends later is unclear, but it is clear that they loved each other. The woman could do nothing and had to swallow two pills.

The vet examined her and found her to be healthy. This was great news for Judy. Because we started looking for a foster home for her.

I hope they are both happy and that they find new homes!!!!

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