When a woman goes to the shelter’s Facebook page, she discovers her long-lost cat from two years ago.

Jimmy the cat had been separated from his family for three years, but was reunited thanks to the social networking platform Facebook. Jimmy’s owner, Sue Zelitsky, says her cat was always naughty.

He would go out without being asked, wander the trails, and one day he didn’t come back.

“Jimmy usually came home, but he didn’t come home that night,” Sue adds. Jimmy turned 13 in the fall of 2014.

The family looked for the cat everywhere, asked friends, and put up flyers throughout the community, but Jimmy was nowhere to be found. For a long time, the Zelitskys refused to accept the truth that they had lost their beloved pet for good, but the reality was too painful to ignore and time was short. Nearly three years after the tragedy, Sue was scrolling through her Facebook account when she came across a post from the Milford Animal Shelter about a stray cat that had been picked up off the street.

Jimmy looked exactly like the cat in the photo. During the exchange under the post, it became clear that this cat was the missing Jimmy. Sue drove straight to the shelter, accompanied by a neighbor whom Jimmy had adored.

The woman took a closer look at the animal and immediately understood who it was in front of her.

“Jim, is that you?” I asked the cat. He then approached, nodding his head. That’s when I started to cry,” Sue says.

Jimmy, who is now almost 16 years old, is happy to be back home. Everyone recognized the cat and was happy to see him.

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