When armed thieves burst into the house, a loyal adoptive dog takes a gunshot in the face to protect the owners.

A South African family offered a shelter and love to a shelter dog one day. Years later, Kay repaid the favor by saving her owner from a deadly bullet. in early October, burglars broke into a resident’s home in the African city of Benoni.

The other attempted to take out the eldest daughter, and her pet dog, Kay, got in the way. Kay attacked the stranger with a ferocity that none of his owners had ever seen before, and the bloodied criminal was chased off. Descending the stairs, the killer came upon a second dog, Holly, a Buer Yorkshire Terrier, and shot her.

He approached Kei again in the kitchen and held a pistol to the tip of Kei’s nose. The bullet shattered the dog’s jaw. Unable to bark due to her suffering and injuries, she ran to a neighbor and tried to call for help.

When the gate closed, Kei and his owner proceeded to the lake where he often wandered to look for people. after nearly an hour of driving, the remaining family members found Kei sleeping on the grass by the water. He was brought to the hospital by ambulance. According to the veterinarian, the dog miraculously survived. His tongue was seriously injured, two teeth were missing, and his lower jaw bone had been shattered by a bullet. Kei had been unable to feed himself for several weeks and was fed through a tube. Surgeons replaced the shattered pieces of bone with metal prosthetics once the dog was strong enough to operate. The family later thanked the townspeople for their support and financial assistance in a post on the SPCA shelter’s Facebook page. The townspeople covered the majority of the cost of the dog’s treatment.

“We are so grateful and touched by your thoughtfulness in coming at our time of greatest need. Thank you very much. And thank you to all who helped Kei and our family,” concluded the family, who chose to donate the remainder of the money from the surgery to the Voxburgh SPCA shelter in honor of the death of their second dog, Holly.

The shelter expressed their support and gratitude to the affected family and their admiration for the courageous actions of the former nurse.

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