When the woman picked up her dog from the groomer, she recognized something wasn’t right.

The woman took her dog out for grooming and a haircut. But she returned a few hours later with another four-legged creature.

Tyksha Cherry had previously taken Lucky to a grooming facility, where she bathed, groomed, and shaved the dog. When the woman went to pick up her pet after the treatment, she did not immediately realize that it was not her dog. To get home, she put the fake Lucky in the passenger seat of her automobile. At first, Taikusha thought the dog looked different because the groomer had trimmed the dog’s hair shorter than normal.

On the other hand, she later found out that Lucky did not respond to the monomania and frequently looked away and was upset. The only conclusion was that this was not her dog. Tyksha returned the puppy to the groomer, gave it to its rightful owner, and was reunited with Lucky. She arrived at the same time as another girl, saw her holding the puppy, and “Hello, Bentley!” I exclaimed.

“Is this your dog?” I asked, to which she replied, “Yes.” Taixa recalls, “At that point, everyone in the salon was taken aback.” As a result, Bentley was returned to his owner and Lucky was returned to his owner. Groomer was surprised and frustrated by this scenario.

‘I was so relaxed when I took Lucky in,’ he said. Tyksha remarked, “I hope he didn’t witness me leaving the salon with another dog.

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