While the owners are away, their dog snatches bread, hides it, and then refuses to eat any of it.

Some pups make excellent guard dogs. For example, Jakey, a beautiful 6-year-old girl, is an excellent security guard.

However, she uses her abilities to protect the strangest of things. Many dogs protect their own homes, but Jakey has a different purpose.

She takes care of the bread they leave behind after their owners leave.

It all started four years ago when his owners were forced to return to the property. Jakey’s owner, Katrina Frank, claims that every time they left the house, the dogs hid bread.

Jakey, by the way, has a tremendous sense of smell for sweets and will chase after them no matter where they are hidden. The moment Katrina leaves the house, he starts looking for the bread wrapped in polyethylene and will do anything to protect his “prize!” The dog that is. Jakey can find the family bread bin, no matter where it is hidden. Katrina tried to store the bread bin in the pantry, but the dog opened the door and dragged it out.

Put it in the fridge and the four-legged trickster will just open the door. When working as the “bread keeper,” J.K. would not allow a single slice of bread to enter his mouth. This clever dog will not allow other pets in the household to do the same. Perhaps he believes that bread is the most important thing to his owner? Does he believe that because many people eat bread?

It is very interesting to know what goes on in a pet’s mind. The dog likes to hide the bread under the couch and lie proudly next to it. She sometimes sneaks “treats” into Katrina’s bedroom closet.

When the hostess arrives at the house, Jaquie shows her around.

And what if there is not a single flour-based product in the house? Then Jakey takes over the protection of the butter!

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