Wilford is as fat as three cats, and his tummy is as adorable as he is — and everyone are enthralled by him!

Wilford, the cat, weighs 12.7 kilograms, the equivalent of three real cats, according to his temporary owner’s estimate! He eagerly chases toys and small objects with his paws while waiting for a permanent home.

This cat had to leave its previous home because its owner could no longer take care of it.

Wilford was exposed to excessive exposure at age 8.

This cat is currently losing weight – he ended up weighing 12.7 kg.

An examination by a veterinarian revealed that this cat had lesions that needed further treatment. Wilford is content with a small amount of exercise to help him lose weight.

Wilford has a limited range of motion due to his weight, but according to his owner, he is a very active dog. Chubby Wilford is now looking for a new place to live.

Wilford is now living with another cat in a foster home, which has caused him some anxiety. His temporary owners hope the big guy finds a permanent home as soon as possible, where he will be groomed and appreciated – but within reason!

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