Ziggy, a Royston Cat Missing for 11 Years is Finally Reunited with Its Owner

Cats often go missing for long periods of time, but not all cats suffer the same fate. Some are reunited with their owners, while others are gone forever. Luckily, this is one of the happy stories of a cat that was missing for 10 years and was reunited with its owner.

No kidding. Ziggy the cat disappeared in Royston, Hertfordshire in 2011. Ziggy, who was one at the time, was nowhere to be found despite the best efforts of his owner. Last week, however, the cat befriended two men in a local park. They posted a photo of themselves with the cat on a local Facebook page, and it wasn’t long before it reached Ziggy’s owner, Ruth Ohm.

She was delighted to find her lost cat after 10 years and said, “It’s like he’s never gone.” She never stopped believing that Ziggy would one day be found. She looked everywhere for Ziggy, but could not find him. As fate would have it, Ziggy took 10 years to find his way to a local park only 20 minutes away from her home.

The two men who found the cat were shy and a little scared at first. But as they fed and watered it, Ziggy relaxed. Ruth was shocked when she received a call from the rescue center staff. She immediately rushed over and took Ziggy home, reuniting him with his family for the first time in over a decade.

I hope that those who read this story never lose hope. Sometimes the universe is kind and gives back.

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